Let’s Temporarily Avoid Each Other’s Facebook Updates So We’ll Have Something To Talk About


There’s no denying it, Facebook is a great way to stay in contact with old friends and learning pretty much anything you want to know about any of your Facebook friends at anytime.  But how far can we take these social networking sites?  In undergrad, I would spend countless hours on Facebook rather than doing homework or sleeping.  It was way more fun to stalk my crush’s Facebook than to study for a Geology test (yup, I took that as my science elective).  But there are some people who take Facebook crazy to the next level…

1. Like My Sad/Attention Seeking Facebook Posts or Else…

Recently, a 36-year-old man plead not guilty to battery charges after assaulting his wife for failing to “Like” a status update he posted on Facebook.  The man apparently posted an update to his Facebook page about his mother’s death and his wife of 15 years, who he recently separated from, did not respond to it.  Under the influence of alcohol he punched her in the face and pulled her hair – another example of what drunk Facebooking can do to you!

2. You May Now Update Your Facebook Statuses

Before kissing his bride, Dana Hanna took his cellphone out during the wedding and updated his relationship status on Twitter and Facebook.  He also handed one over to his wife to do the same.  Hanna tweeted “Standing at the altar with @TracyPage where just a second ago, she became my wife! Gotta go, time to kiss my bride.”  That’s not even the strangest part! In emailed comments to The Daily Mail, Hanna stated that when they got engaged, they changed their relationship statuses and didn’t call anyone to spread the word.  There’s a time and a place for jokes, but during my actual wedding ceremony should NOT be one of them!

3.  I’m Going to Commit a Crime and Post About It on Facebook

After rings and other valuable items were taken from a home in Pennsylvania, a friend of the victim’s roommate saw one of the items on Facebook.  The culprit posted a photo of a 3 karat ring with the message “Look what Robby gave me, I love him so much.” Apparently the man did not have enough money to buy a ring, so he ended up stealing one in order to make her happy! Have these two love birds ever watched an episode of Law & Order: SVU?? Benson & Stablier always catch the perp because they end up spilling the beans and telling someone what they did!

And don’t even get me started on ending relationships via Facebook! According to a SNAP Interactive survey of 1000 users – 70% male and 30% female – found that more relationships are ending through Facebook.  Here are some statistics:

  • 25 percent of respondents have found out their relationship was over by seeing it on Facebook first
  • 21 percent of respondents said they would break up with someone through Facebook by changing their status to single.

With roughly 129 million people (aka 41.37% of the total US population) using social media to stay in touch, I don’t see the crazy Facebook stories ending anytime soon!

This Toyota Venza commercial is completely appropriate for this post!


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  1. Lauren, I enjoyed this particular post. Sometimes I think about upcoming trends in the social media world. WIll we be able to unplug from the Internet world and physically engage more with family and friends. What happen to those days? Although, I thought the video was funny, the two examples regarding crimes are kinda of scary. Do you forecast more and more people will detach themselves from social media and get back to physical interaction?

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