Would You Rather..


When you were a kid (or maybe even now), did you ever play the game, “Would you rather?” To play, a person would begin by asking a question that compared two different ideas.  After the question has been asked, everyone else would then have to answer with the option they preffered.   When I was a kid, we would always play this game with questions involving the most ridiculous ideas, like “would you rather eat a hamburger covered with bugs or a banana covered with roaches? (Of course, everyone knows that the wise person always went with pizza, not matter the options!)

Telenav, a mobile applications company, based on this very same concept.  They asked participants if they would give up their cell phones for various things and the responses were wild!Here are a few of the statistics:

  • 55% of people are more willing to give up caffeine for a week than their phone
  • 54% of people would be more willing to give up exercise for a week than their phone
  • 33% of people are more willing to give up sex for a week than their mobile phone
  • 22% would be more willing to give up their tooth brush for a week than their mobile phone.

Say what?!

Not only that, the survey found that 28 percent of iPhone users, 23 percent of Android users and 18 percent of Blackberry users would rather go a week without seeing their significant other than their phone.  At least only 10 percent of iPhone users, 18 percent of Android users and 15 percent of Blackberry users admit to ending a relationship via voice mail, text, email, Facebook or Twitter. Here’s the full info graphic:

While I understand how cool (also read as addictive) an iPhone or BlackBerry can be, I cannot understand how cell phones win out over the finer things in life. According to a Pew Research Center study, 83 percent of American adults own some kind of cell phone and that 42 percent of them own a smart phone.  That translates into 35 percent of all adults.  And here’s how they feel about their devices…



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  1. Interesting results, however, not surprising. I was just reading my son’s Facebook and noticed that he had posted a comment at 6:35 a.m. about not having to work due to rain one morning this week. I thought to myself, he can barely get up in the morning, yet he is able to write on Facebook. It’s obvious that Facebook is an ordinary part of his everyday routine. Is he addicted to his cell phone? I do believe he is. It’s quite sad that a person would rather be arrested than be without their cell phone. In September of this year, a passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight from Phoenix to El Paso, Texas couldn’t wait the 5 minutes or so it takes for a plane to actually land before he had his phone out and turned on. When he refused to turn it off, the airline called the cops. In my book, that is most definitely a sign of cell phone addiction.

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