Are You Ready for Some… Tweeting?


As the kickoff to college football is approaching this weekend, I was curious to see how emerging medias have impacted the game.  It used to be enough for me to either watch sporting events live or on a huge TV with my friends.  Now I find myself not only watching the games but turning to my iPhone to check other stats, share my opinions about the game with friends and see what others are saying during the event.

According to a study by Catalyst Public Relations on sports and social media, 42 percent of NFL fans and more than half of college football fans are using Twitter during the games.  Social media has enabled fans to gather as if they were in their own sports bar and communicate with people they do not know.  Athletes also offer a view into their lives and personalities and communicate directly with their fans through social media.  Football’s most followed tweeter is Chad Ochocinco, who was ranked as the second most influential personality on Twitter with nearly 2.6 million followers, myself being one of them! 

Sports fans are also turning to blogs for their primary source of breaking sports news.  When the news broke of LSU QB Jordan Jefferson’s arrest, I turned to my favorite LSU blogging site for more information. was created to give people the chance to discuss and share opinions online with others about LSU sports.  This site also features information on everything related to LSU and its sports practices.  Since the launch in 2001, has expanded to cover sports, politics, entertainment and other popular topics and has over 68,000 members.

In a world where people want things instantly, emerging media has changed the world for sports – including players, fans, commentators, coaches, etc.  Social media provides a great opportunity for people to disseminate information in mere seconds on a world wide level.  It’s a great opportunity for teams to communicate with their fan bases and develop a bigger following.  Teams can also benefit from a marketing standpoint by being able to access hundreds of thousands of fans through a click of a mouse while showing local businesses and brands their broad fan following.

In the spirit of the game, here’s my favorite commercial about the LSU vs. Oregon game on Saturday produced by ESPN College GameDay.


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